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We offer Vitamin IM injections that are based on the top nutrient injection therapy protocols, customized to each individual needs seeking to optimize their nutrient levels, immunity and quality of life. Intramuscular (IM) injections are injected into the muscle and then absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing for a much higher absorption rate than oral supplements that must pass through the GI tract.

Our Vitamin IM injections are formulated with high-grade nutrients at therapeutic dosages, maximizing the overall efficacy of each and every injection. These booster injections can be administered in seconds and they offer lasting effects.

All of the nutrients that we use are natural and safe to be administered by injection.

Choose from our selection of Vitamin and Nutrient Injections that best suits your needs and we will help you decide which of our shots is right for you.

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B-Energized | $40

This injection contains a concentrated dose of B12 that boosts metabolism, increases energy, and stabilizes mood. It is great for vegetarians/vegans who are usually low on B-12.

Vitamin B12 ranks among the most common vitamin deficiencies, and it can significantly compromise your immune system. If you tend to get sick often or feel fatigued most of the time, or experiencing brain fog, a vitamin B12 injection could be exactly what you need to stay happy and healthy.

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C – Protect | $40

Give your body an immunity boost and protect yourself from colds and viruses. Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid, is an essential nutrient that has been shown to decrease duration and symptoms of common flu type illnesses. Whether you are under the weather or looking to stay healthy and productive, recharge and leave behind the days of feeling run down.

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant that helps minimize the free radicals and harmful elements of life. Combat the stressors and live beyond limits. This vitamin is also required for the body to produce collagen, giving you healthy youthful skin and strong bones.

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VitalBoost | $65

Combination of B12 and Engystol – a brand name homeopathic medication. This preparation helps to fight off and reduce symptoms of viral and bacterial upper respiratory illnesses including the common cold and flu like infections.
Great preventative booster for flu or before traveling.

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VitaGlow | $55

A dose of the most powerful antioxidant- Gluthathione. As we age, glutathione is depleted from the body, so it is important it is replenished. This powerful antioxidant supports the immune system and has anti-viral activity, anti-aging benefits, and helps to detoxify the body and improve liver functions.
Supplement your body’s supply of Glutathione and help cleanse your vital organs while preventing the aging effects of free radicals.

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 Immunity MegaBooster Cocktail | $85

Give your body the Megaboost it needs with the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs for a healthy body and a strong imune system. Recover faster from illness and boost your immunity while protecting against viral infections, or reducing flu like symptoms.

This powerful cocktail includes essential B vitamins, a high dose of vitamin C and other nutrients.  It also assists the body to reduce anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

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